REsolution Tool Assists Economic Developers with Workforce Data

The Regional Employment solutions tool, or REsolution, was designed to help local and regional economic developers produce an array of workforce data for their region that can easily be shared with clients. The site’s interactive map acts as a portal for a wide range of data. By selecting a specific region, users can identify the area’s major occupation groups and unemployment rate and then choose tabs to view information on occupational employment, higher education, industries and industry clusters.

Occupational Employment
•    Regional employment
•    Regional salary and national salary
•    Related occupations
•    Tools and technology used by the occupation
•    Industries employing the occupation

Higher Education
•    Degrees awarded by community colleges, colleges and universities in the region

•    Number of people employed
•    Average salary
•    Number of firms in the region by four-digit industry code

Industry Clusters
•    Definition of the cluster
•    Number of firms by different cluster group
•    Employment
•    Wage
•    Industries that sell to or buy from the cluster
•    Top regional companies in the cluster

On the landing page, users have the option to run an Industry Suitability Analysis or a Layoff Scenario. Both tools use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify which occupations are used in a specific industry. Like the Occupational Employment tab, users can then drill into additional information to see related occupations that could support the labor demand of a project or provide employment alternatives for workers who lose their jobs. The REsolution tool is available to VEDP’s economic development partners at