Cover Story

In August, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced one of Virginia’s largest economic development projects of 2016. Dollar Tree Inc., a leading American discount variety retailer, will invest $110 million to expand and develop its corporate headquarters in Chesapeake. Virginia competed aggressively against Dollar Tree’s North Carolina operation for the win, retaining 825 jobs and securing 600 new positions.

The Roanoke Valley Region had lots of reasons to celebrate this past quarter. Just one week apart, two industry-leading companies, ELDOR Corporation and Deschutes Brewery, announced to bright-eyed, standing-room-only crowds that they would be opening operations in the Roanoke Valley. Combined, both companies will invest $160 million and create more than 450 new jobs.


In November 2015, Microsoft Corp. announced plans for its fourth expansion since 2010 at its Mecklenburg County data center in Southern Virginia. This most recent expansion, an additional $402.4 million in capital investment and 42 new jobs, brings Microsoft’s total planned investment in this facility to $1.7 billion.

During his European Marketing Mission this June, Governor McAuliffe made this announcement alongside Lidl U.S. President and CEO Brendan Proctor after meeting with senior company leadership at Lidl’s international headquarters in Neckarsulm, Germany.